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CellMat Laboratory is fully equipped for the production, characterization and modelling of the micro and macroscopic properties of cellular materials.

1. Production and sample preparation laboratory

This laboratory section is equipped with the devices typically used for the transformation of plastic materials but at a lab-scale. This equipment can be used for the production of foamed materials and also for the manufacturing solid parts.

Internal mixer attached to a rheometer Rheodrive 5000, Haake
Twin screw extruder attached to a rheometer Rheodrive 5000, Haake
Two roll mill DW5110, Fanyuan
Co-rotating twin screw extruder ZK 25 T Teachline, Collin
Single screw extruder with chill roll CR 72 T Teachline, Collin
Micro-injection molding machine 6/10P, BabyPlast
High-pressure vessel (up to 400 bar) Parr 4681, Parr Instruments Company
Pressure vessel (up to 100 bar) Talleres Remtex
Low-temperature pressure vessel (up to 200 bar) Parr 4760, Parr Instruments Company
High-pressure stirred reactor Parr 4544, Parr Instruments Company
Hot/cold plates hydraulic press Talleres Remtex
Hot plates hydraulic press with accurate control Talleres Remtex
Molds and tools for the production of parts under pressure CellMat Laboratory & Talleres Remtex
3D Printer Dimabox 3D printer, Dima 3D
Ultrasound dispersive tip VCX-750, Sonics Vibra-Cell
Low-shear fluid mixing machine Eurostar Power Control-visc P1, IKA
High-shear fluid mixing machine T 25 Digital Ultra Turrax, IKA
Ball mill Ball Mill, Orto Alresa
Mixer mill MM 400, Retsch
Precision cutter machine IsoMet 1000, Buehler
Polishing machine LaboPol-2, Struers
Band sawing machine CY 135, Tronzadoras MG
High temperature oven 2001405, JP Selecta
Electric muffle furnace Select-Horn, JP Selecta
Digital vacuum drying oven VacioTem TV, JP Selecta
Vacuum drying oven VacioTem T, JP Selecta
Drying oven E-42, Heraeus
Test tube shaker Multi Reax, Heidolph
Vortex mixer ZX3, Velp
Platform shaker Vibramax 100, Heidolph

2. Microscopic and macroscopic characterization laboratory

The equipment included in this area of the Laboratory is aimed at the characterization of both the microstructure and the physical properties of the polymeric based solid and cellular materials.

Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometers (FTIR) · Tensor 27, Bruker
· Alpha, Bruker
Ultra-Violet spectrometer UV-2102 PC, Shimadzu
Energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDX) QX 200, Link
Polarized light optical microscope with a digital camera · Microscope: DM2500 M, Leica
· Camera: EC3, Leica
Scanning electron microscope (SEM) FlexSEM 1000, Hitachi
Air pycnometer P1.86, EijKelKamp
Gas pycnometer AccuPyc II 1340, Micromeritics
Volumetric titration Karl Fischer V10, Mettler
PH meter FiveEasy F20-Std, Mettler
HDT/VICAT device VHDT-3, Metrotec
Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) TGA/SDTA 861, Mettler
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) DSC 3+, Mettler
Thermo-Mechanical Analyzer (TMA) DMA/TMA 7, PerkinElmer
Melt flow tester (MFI & VFI) · Twelve Index, Atsfaar
· MF20, Ceast-Instron
Rotational viscometer Rotavisc LO-VI Complete, IKA
Stress controlled rheometer: Shear rheology · Shear rheology fixture: EHP, TA Instruments
· Rheometer: AR 2000 EX, TA Instruments
Stress controlled rheometer: Extensional rheology · Extensional rheology fixture: SER 2, Xpansion Instruments
· Rheometer: AR 2000 EX, TA Instruments
Thermal Conductivimeters – Stationary Method · Rapid K, Holometrix
· Fox 314, TA Instruments
Thermal Conductivimeter – Transient Plane Source Method HDMD, Hot Disk
Universal testing machine · 5.500R6025, Instron
     · Tensile test · 3369, Instron
     · Compression test
     · Bending test
     · Temperature chamber (-100 ºC – 350 ºC)
     · Video extensometer
Dynamic mechanical Analyzer (DMA) · DMA-861e, Metler
· DMA-7, Perkin-Elmer
· DMA-8000, Perkin-Elmer
Hardness tester: Shore A, Shore O, Shore D, Shore OO · U/72, Bareiss
· Digi Test II (BS09), Bareis
Vickers micro-durometer MHO IB, Zeiss
Charpy and Izod impact tester · 53566, Frank
· 53304, Frank
Falling dart impact testing machine equipped with a high speed acquisition camera · Impact tester: DT-50/1200, Microtest
· Registration camera: MV-D1024-160, PhotoFocus
Creep and recovery test machine Mod.DF5, Microtest
Impedance tube Ua-1630, Bruel and Kjaer
Limiting Oxygen Index equipment (LOI) Oxygen indez, FTTT
Calorimetric bomb 131EE, Parr

3. Foaming mechanisms laboratory

This laboratory is specifically focused on the analysis (qualitative and quantitative) of the physical mechanisms involved in foaming processes.

  • Pressure vessel with internal vision – Designed by CellMat Laboratory
  • Optical expandometry meter – Designed by CellMat Laboratory
  • X-ray radioscopy and tomography equipment – Designed by CellMat Laboratory
  • Infrared camera – HotFind L, SDS Infrared

4. Laboratory for properties simulation

The last section of CellMat Laboratory aims to predict the behavior of complex polymeric systems by using simple or complex analytical models and finite element modelling (FEM)

    • Work stations: 8 cores – 32 Gb RAM; 48 cores – 96 Gb RAM.
    • FEM software (ANSYS)
    • Other software: Matlab; Mathematica.

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